[151] Enhancement System

Witch Murder by BraveWolf in 11 May 2019

We've increased the level cap from 46 to 48.

We've introduced the Enhancement System, find the stones and use it in your equipments.

New Area has unlocked: The Hut/Refuge and Onini Island.

Golden Pickaxe swap to Bronze Pickaxe.

Added a smooth effect for the Fishing System that reduce the unfair fail message at the end of fishing.

Time limit to disconnect afk players from client has been increased from 10 to 15 minutes.

We've polished the Level Up animation

We added two new commands:

  • /epm : Allows theplayerto know how many exp earns in a minute. Very useful for farming.
  • /uptime : Shows the Server uptime.

We've changed the speed buff icon color.

Tree Cutting and Mining action now have an special icon.

We added Pumpkino the Npc in Seldom Island to help to new players to find Wheat.

Introducing: The Jail, where the bad boys will go.

Added a new server message

Tavern Key drop chance has been increased by 60%.

We added a new Blacksmith in Onini Island.

New Skill for all classes:

  • Teleport to Goldum

New Party System:

  • Experience requirement formula has been decreased from 200 to 100.
  • Added new rewards for based on party level:
    * Level 10: Share skulls.
    * Level 20: Increases the amount of Skulls rewards by 20%.
    * Level 30: 10% chance to increases the drop amount rewards.

New Quests:

  • Goldum Ores: Lv. 39
  • The Hearts of Esia: Lv. 45
  • Cleaning up the Refuge: Lv. 45
  • Broken Armor: Lv. 46
  • Onini Island: Lv. 46
  • Sea Fishing: Lv. 47

The price of the Damage Skins has been reduced.

The price of all the available Polymorphism Potions has been reduced to 20.

New Premium Items:

  • Dominican Republic Cap
  • Uruguay Cap
  • South Korean Cap
  • Canada Cap
  • Ghost Font
  • Mini Font
  • Blue Slippers
  • Turtle Shield
  • Pirate Hat
  • Fisherman Hat

Sword Sharp stun chance has been reduced from 100% to 60%.

Sword Sharp damage formula has been increased from 7 to 8.

Critical Stab stun chance has been reduced from 100% to 80%.

Added new sound effects for Bongua and Bongcid attack animation.

We've translated some unstralated quests of Esia.

Joysticks without analogs are working correctly.

Fixed an issue with the Pickaxe graphics.

[FIX] If you have two quests with the same requirement, the requirement count does not change even if you already completed one of the both quests.

Fixed an issue with the hotbar swap function.

Fixed an issue with the projectil launch function.

Fixed an issue with the forge function.

Fixed an issue with the dialogues.

[Fix] When you log out from the Festival you move to a wrong position.

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