[161] Animated Emojis!

Witch Murder by BraveWolf in 21 September 2019

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We've added the support to zoom out in 1280x720 resolution

Added transparency to chatbox if character are over the interface

We've added new shorcuts to the Keyboard interface

Added a mannequin to try clothes

Added a new option to enable/disable Player Name

We've added a 1.5 EXP text for Holy Rain

We've changed some details in Forge interface

Added a new page for Quest Book:

  • Available: Shows the quests that you have not yet started

New Item for Yilmaz's Shop

  • Yellow Scarf

Added a new category:

  • New/Hot items

New premium items:

  • Chill Kiwi
  • Electric Rat Ears
  • Emoji Pack 1
  • Bat Wings
  • Sharpladin Shield
  • Mustache

Enemies will not have HP regen while attacking

We've translated the coupon messages

We've translated various quests and NPC dialogues

Fixed an issue with the Joystick configuration

Fixed an issue with the Tutorial interface

Fixed an issue with the Newspaper

Fixed an issue with the Achievements

Fixed an issue with the Kaled's Quest

Fixed many client/server issues

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