[163] Happy Halloween!

Witch Murder by BraveWolf in 23 October 2019

Added new native resolution:

  • 1360x768

Halloween Event: Phase II

  1. Murgar's shop is now open
  2. Abominous exp reward has been increased from 20 to 30
  3. World Boss event

First World Boss has been summoned:

  1. World Boss can respawn three hours after his death
  2. All Players in Esia can join to defeat the World Boss(No level requirement)
  3. All the Players inside the World Boss map will win the prizes if the World Boss is defeated
  4. You need (3) [Happy Pumpkin] to be able to join to the World Boss
  5. You can't respawn inside the World Boss map
  6. There is no mana cost in World Boss map

World Boss Rewards:


  • 1 Hour of Double Experience
  • 1 Hour of Double Drop


  • 1 Ambar
  • 5 Random Polymorphism Potions
  • 1 Item Megaphone
  • 500 Skulls
  • 50 Bronze Skulls

New Free Emojis:

  • Pumpkin Emoji
  • Joker Emoji(Reward for Event)

New Achievements:

  • Fishing Salmon
  • Fishing Starfish
  • Bless the World

New Premium Items:

  • Halloween Emoji Pack 1
  • Red Book Shield
  • Dark Alien Mask

A lot of client/server fixes

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