[172] Polishing the Game

Witch Murder by BraveWolf in 4 March 2020

We've added two new functions for player accounts:

  • Password Reset
  • Username Recovery

Added icons for server modifications:

  • Double Card Drop
  • Double Profession Experience

We've increased the Inventory slots from 42 to 49

Rework for Level 20 and Level 30 Festivals

We've added new card graphics

We've redesigned the Game Setting interface

We've improved the Achievements interface

Added new map for Minigames: Speed Test

Player's key settings will now be saved on server-side

Quest Book will now show the recipe rewards

All the Mastery Skill are now available on Kamilio's Mastery Shop

We've redesigned the Key Setting interface

Now the monster drops will be splitted on map if the dropped items are more than 3

We've added a new store for [Lexis]

Added new interface:

  • Key Type Setting

Added new shorcuts:

  • Tab
  • Take Screenshot
  • Achievements
  • Premium Inventory
  • Newspaper
  • Worldmap
  • Friends
  • Professions
  • Help

Now you can cancel fishing if you use your basic attack while fishing

We've added the npc location on the available quest tab(Still in development)

Added new categories for Newspaper interface:

  • Daily Check
  • Event

Added new categories for Character interface:

  • HP/HPR
  • MP/MPR
  • Luminiscence
  • Dodge Chance

Added new premium items:

  • Spike Glasses
  • Chocolate Font

[Taven Gloves] now can be used by Hunter

Added new gloves for Hunter:

  • Bowman Gloves
  • Robin Gloves

We've improved the level 10 to 20 quest rewards and requirements

Knight, Hunter and Stalker magic defense formula now can be affected by SPR

[Bongu] slow debuff formula has been increased from 15% to 94%

We've increased the summon amount of monsters of this maps:

  • Flora's Garden
  • Deviation
  • Thompa's Lagoon
  • Swamp End


  • Physical defense based on END stat has been reduced from 3.1 to 2.6

We've translated all the server modifications announcements

We've added a new music theme for Seldom Town
We've improved the quality of the Seldom Valley music theme

Fixed an issue with the sword bar of Knight

Fixed an issue with the Quest Book's objective icons

We've fixed various issues with the PvP

Fixed an issue with the quest list update

Fixed an issue with the vitals regeneration

Fixed an issue with the "Sorting of Potions" quest

Fixed an issue with the spawn monster function

Now you can't dig in a warp zone

[Luminiscence] cooldown time on spell description has been fixed

We've fixed the buff stack, now your spell buffs will not be replaced by item buffs

We've fixed a party issue that caused quests of team members didn't count while hunting

We've fixed many issues with the PvP(Spells not working correctly, vitals not update in real time, etc)

Fixed the available quest list, now will be updated automatically when player level up

Dropped items from Digging, Woodcutting, Fishing and Mining will not shared automatically with other players

Event items dropped from monsters will not shared automatically with other players

Fixed an issue with the Npc's Shop

Fixed an issue with the emojis and player name position

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