[Event] Culinary Festival

Witch Murder by BraveWolf in 20 June 2020

Esia is hosting a Culinary Festival!

Esia's gastronomy has always been well known all over Dagonia, but many forget that there are many excellent dishes around the continent. That's why the Chef Gaston has decided to travel and learn all the recipes from around Dragonia. He's planning a festival so that all players get to taste the beautiful recipes.

How can you help you asked? Well, the event goes as follows:

Mobs level 10 or higher drop [Cooking Oil], and it can be used to buy recipes and rewards in Gaston's store.

Additionally, there is a chance of mobs dropping a [Pink Box], which contains several items.




Hot dog HP

50 Steam Scrolls

Adds 500 HP

Hot dog MP

50 Steam Scrolls

Adds 500 MP

Chives Arrow

10 Cooking Oul

DMG: 38 | RNG: 5m | SPD: 4.93

Fish Ring HP

750 Cooking Oil

HP: +100

Fish Ring MP

750 Cooking Oil

MP: +100

Gaston Master

1000 Cooking Oil

Master card for Stalkers. DMG: 90

Sushi Earrings

1000 Cooking Oil

END: +1 | MP: +10

Onigiri Earrings

1500 Cooking Oil

END: +3 | MP: +20

Cooking Emojis

2000 Cooking Oil

Pack of[4]Food related emojis

Chef Hat

3000 Cooking Oil

Chef hat[Cosmetic only]

Recipe for Causa Rellena

100 Cooking Oil

Recipe to craft Causa Rellena. Damage buff +20 (240s)

Recipe for Ceviche

100 Cooking Oil

Recipe to craft Ceviche. Magic Damage buff +20 (240s)

Recipe for Empanadas

100 Cooking Oil

Recipe to craft Empanadas. HP buff +200 (180s)

Recipe for Napolitan Milanese

100 Cooking Oil

Recipe to craft Napolitan Milanese. MP buff +20 (240s)

Recipe for Mole

100 Cooking Oil

Recipe to craft Mole. Max MP: +30 (240s)

Recipe for Tacos

100 Cooking Oil

Recipe to craft Tacos. Damage buff +20 (240s)
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