Space Launch Event

Witch Murder by BraveWolf in 17 August 2020

Bob and Megan are crew of the DracoX90, a Spaceship that was passing by the planet when they were attacked. The ship crashed on Dragonia, but it was heavily damaged, spreading lots of cogs across the continent. To return to their planet, they will need the help of everyone on dragonia, to find the cogs and start with the repairment of the ship.

The event goes as follows:

You can colect Cogs by killing enemies or digging. You need to collect[50]Cogs and give them to Bob and he will give you a box with Space Rocks. It can contain[50]Mars Rocks or[50]Moon Rocks, then you can use the Rocks on Megan's Shop to buy space items.

The Cogs that you give to Bob will acumulate with the cogs than the other players deliver, having 3 different repair status that changes the items that can be obtained on Megan's Shop:

  • 0-49999 Cogs: The Spaceship is destoryed (Phase 1)
  • 50000-249999 Cogs: The Spaceship is under repairment(Phase 2)
  • 250000+ Cogs: The Spaceship is repaired(Phase 3)





100 Mars Rock

You can use the telescope to research an area or target

UFO Cape

1500 Moon Rock

END +1 | Exp lost at death -100

Green Alien Glasses

1500 Mars Rock

Green Alien Glasses[Cosmetic only]

Moon Rock Pin

100 Moon Rock

Extrackted Rock from the Moon[Pin]

Mars Rock Pin

100 Mars Rock

Extracted Rock from planet Mars[Pin]. You need the ship on phase 2.

Megan Space Master

1000 Moon Rock

Master card for Stalkers. DMG: 120. You need the ship on phase 2

BB15 Helmet

2000 Mars Rock

Space Helmet belonging to BB15 Soldier[Cosmetic only]. Yoy need the ship on phase 2

Planets Emojis

2000 Moon Rock

Pack of[4]Planet related emojis. You need the ship on phase 2

Neptune Necklace

2000 Mars Rock

SPR+7 | Luminosity+ 25%.You need the ship on phase 3

Saturn Necklace

2000 Moon Rock

AGI+7 | Luminosity+ 25%.You need the ship on phase 3

Mars Necklace

2000 Mars Rock

END+7 | Luminosity+ 25%. You need the ship on phase 3

Space Fishing Rod

3000 Moon Rock

SPD: 0.85s | FHP:20 | Fishing Luck + 20%. You need the ship on phase 3

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