[186-187] Magic Shield

Witch Murder by BraveWolf in 5 September 2020

We've increased the level cap to 60

We've added new server modification: Double Experience for Quest Rewards

We've removed fishes from Goldum Town

We've improved the movement input code. If you are pressing simultaneous more than a key and you release a key your character will continue moving to the direction that you kept pressed before

We've changed the [Scroll to Sage] icon texture

Chat System changes:

  • Added cooldown for all chat channels to prevent spam
  • Added extra cooldown for Global chat channel, players who abuse of this channel will be muted automatically for a few minutes
  • Players will now required level 10 or superior to be able to use the Global chat channel
  • Fixed an issue that clear messages after switch from Whisper to Map channel

Added Stalker's character illustration for Player Information menu

We've restricted the Login and Register requests from Server-side

[Seldom Pickaxe] and [Seldom Axe] graphic texture has been fixed

We've improved the Fungrim Secret Cave map graphic texture

We've changed the [Frog's Eye] icon texture

We've changed the Pin System button graphic in Inventory interface

We've added new Pin: Bowman Hat

New Quests:

  • Mephus
  • Magic Shield

Space Launch Event tier 4 has been unlocked, new rewards:

  • Space rocks exchanger
  • Mars Earrings
  • Saturn Earrings
  • Alien Numbers Emojis

We've improved the Enhancement Stone drop distribution for level 50-59 monsters

We've replaced the [Krobi's Tamer] achievement for [Cleaning the Plague]

[Kimo's Giftbox] level requirement has been increased from 40 to 50

We've decreased the days requirement to give Honor from 7 to 5 days

[Mushroom Hat] drop rate has been increased by 50%


  • Added [Lich's Spirit] as a new drop reward


  • Added [Miniature Fungrim] as a new drop reward
  • Increased [Terion Potion] drop amount from 5 to 10
  • Increased [Deka Vodka] drop amount from 1 to 3

HP requirement to catch a monster has been increased from 15% to 40% of its HP

Added new help tip for Monster Catcher potion

New Premium items:

  • Magma Komodo
  • Toxic Frog
  • Hunter Polymorphism
  • Mage Polymorphism
  • Gumber Polymorphism
  • China Cap
  • Russia Cap

[Christmas Rudolph] mount skin price has been reduced from 350 to 250

[Chill Kiwi] mount skin priice has been reduced from 350 to 300

[King Komodo] mount skin price has been reduced from 350 to 300

[Red Chicken] mount skin price has been reduced from 300 to 250

We've improved the [White Wolf]'s sprite color palette

[Platinum Ring] name has been changed to [Silver Ring]

[Magic Shield]'s skill has been renamed to [Magic Guard]
We've improved various npc dialogues

We've fixed all the typos reported, thanks for your help!

HP/MP will be refreshed automatically when player raise its stats points

We've improved the performance of resources in map(trees, bushes, fishes, etc)

Fixed an issue related to digging spots detection

Fixed various missing blocks in Esia Valley(Thanks to HavenHeart)

We've fixed various issues related to movement input with Keyboard and Joystick

Fixed an issue that causes sometimes show unlocked pin notification even if not has been unlocked nothing

Fixed a visual issue with character hair illustration in Player Information menu

We've fixed various issues related to Forge System

Fixed an issue that causes client doesn't select screen resolution and language correctly the first time

Fixed an issue with the monster cards reward scroll buttons

Fixed an issue that causes Ancient Bridge map doesn't show texture correctly

We've fixed an issue that causes malfunction when Bosses death

Fixed an issue that causes players can steal monsters from others using a potion catcher

We've fixed black screen issue from some maps

Fixed an issue that causes Pants are hidden in Character Selection menu

Fixed an issue with the Hunter's sight in Woodos' Zone

We've fixed an issue that causes Mephus' warp zones didn't remove automatically after players leave map

We've fixed several party visual issues

We've fixed an issue that causes sometimes white-screen

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