Wolf Head Hat Promotion!

Witch Murder by BraveWolf in 17 March 2021


Diary of a Wolf:
I'm looking for brave heroes that want to be part of my herd... Join with me to fight against the darkness creatures and become a brave wolf.

Get a1050 Game Card+ and you will receive completely FREE an amazing giftbox containing either a White or Gray Wolf Head Hat.

Development Log:

We've added a new Monthly Promotion for March

BraveWolf's Eleventh Anniversary special changes:

  • We've increased the level cap from 60 to 61
  • We've increased the profession level cap from 45 to 48
  • We've increased the free bank slots amount from 56 to 64
  • We've did a rework for the [Wolf Mount] and its premium skins

We've added mouse scroll button functionality for Chat interface

Chat System:

  • We've added a new chat channel for players to talk with their buddies
  • Chat Bubble will not shown for Trade and Buddies messages
  • Fixed an issue that caused switching chat channel using tab key didn't worked correctly

We've increasedtemporalythe Player's Store open time from 5 to 8 hours

[Cape of King] name has been changed to [Amber Cape]

We've moved the level 40 equipments' forge manuals from Cemetery to Terion City, you can now forge equipments talking with [Borgus]

We've moved the level 40 weapons' forge manuals from Cemetery to Terion City, you can now forge weapons talking with [Lion]

We've added new prizes for the weekly shop of [Yilmaz]


  • We've added new achievement to celebrate the 11th BraveWolf Anniversary

Fixed an issue that causes player can blocked himself using "/block" command

We've fixed many of the reported typos, thank you for your help!

We've fixed all the party chat commands

We've fixed an issue with the [Amber Cape]'s forge manual

We've fixed an issue with the Buddies' interface scroll

We've fixed several client-server issues

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