[198] Client Optimization

Witch Murder by BraveWolf in 14 April 2021

We've added a prevent message with a direct link to solve Visual C++ Libraries errors

We've notable reduced the startup time of client-side

We've added a new Pin: "Dinosaurs Book Pin"

Introducing the new Dinosaurs' Shop:

Rex and Ellie has been opened a new store for all the dinosaur fans, Go to Rokkun Cave and talk with Ellie to know more info.

  1. Complete Ellie's Quest to get [Dinosaur Fossil]
  2. Uses [Dinosaur Fossil] to unlock prizes from Ellie's Store

New Premium Items:

  • Scared Balloon
  • Sad Balloon
  • Shaming Balloon
  • Speechless Balloon

We've fixed an issue that caused 'netstandard' error box still display sometimes

We've fixed various issues related to wrong icon texture

We've fixed an issue related to female wolf's sprite hair texture

We've fixed several graphic issues while loading tilesets and paperdoll textures

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