The Era of the Elders

Witch Murder by DarkDino in 3 June 2021

The Era of the Elders

Eight centuries ago, in the old continent of Dragonia, the only ones living in the immense forest were the Trikos - they were little beings that grew out of seeds, and were capable of evolving and create life from their environment. When the Triko got old, they grew large roots into the soil and became wise elders called Kloktrad. With time, different species started to develop within the forest, and the wise trees decided to build a city, which they called Klokdum, where the inhabitants would be a species that could demonstrate pureness and love for nature.

The Kloktrad had the power to communicate with all creatures of the forest and use it to communicate with the foxes, who had superior comprehension abilities and were the most peaceful race. The Elders taught them how to fight, build, and defend the forest and their inhabitants. After the foxes worked together with the elders in Klokdum, they decided to change the name of the forest to Goldum in honor of the teamwork of both species.

Time went by, the foxes were known to have great craftsmanship and hunting abilities; they even achieve a society on par with humans.

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