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[205] 5th DarkStory Anniversary

Witch Murder by BraveWolf in 20 November 2021

[Jakuro's Arrow] graphic has been recolored

Added new haircut for Human male

Added new shop to Blufan Town:

  • [Red Blufungus HP] +400 HP
  • [Blue Blufungus MP] +400 MP
  • [Lilac Blufan Arrow] for level 60
  • [To Blufan Town] warp scroll

We've just released a new Monthly Promo for November, check the details here:

[Arlan Ticket I/II] graphic icon has been redesigned

[Magic Trilobite Shield] sprite has been redesigned

Huge Client performance update:

  • We've recoded the shields' draw code process, making the game 30% lightest
  • We've optimised the way to load interfaces, making the game only loads interfaces if is required. This change will reduce drastically the client startup time lapse and prevent the "Not enough graphic memory!" issue
  • Worldmap images' will only loads if it is required

DarkStory's Anniversary:

November is the month of DarkStory! We've reached the fifth year and we want to celebrate with you adding some new content to the Dragonia's world

  • We've created a new monster and its respective card:
    • 5th Anniversary Cake
  • [Pilgrim] has been back to Esia City, talk with him to know more about the event
  • Added the forging manual of the DarkStory Blue Weapons(Lv. 25) and DarkStory Green Weapons(Lv. 45)
  • Added new weapons for level 65:
    • DarkStory Slim Sword
    • DarkStory Slim Bow
    • DarkStory Slim Staff
    • DarkStory Slim Daggers
  • Added new achievements:
    • [Spartan & Soloman] as a reward for all the past Halloween Pet Contest
    • [5th DarkStory Anniversary] as a reward for all players who play DarkStory during November(Extended for players who have no joined before)
    • [Golden Gumby's Tamer] as a reward for the players who purchase a 1050+ Game Card during the November Monthly Promo

[To Goldum Forest] price has been decreased from 30 to 25 skulls

Stalker changes:

  • [Ruby Daggers] damage has been reduced from 140 to 130

[Turtle Shield] graphic has been redesigned

[Fall Leaf Shield] graphic has been redesigned

New Premium items:

  • Kabutoko Polymorphism
  • Soccermob Polymorphism

We've fixed several client-side and server-side issues

We've fixed an issue related to [Kawaii BraveWolf Shield] sprite

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