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Witch Murder by BraveWolf in 21 August 2022

A new event has been released, enjoy The Fair, a fully of new content season event, where players can play up to 6 exclusive minigames to win tickets and earn prizes.

Go to the following link to read more about the season event

Added new achievements:

  • The Fair
  • Ducky Fishing
  • Coin Toss
  • Target Practice
  • Break the Target
  • Strength Test
  • Spinner Wheel
  • Devil's Challenge
  • Photo Opportunity
  • Winner Ticket
  • Gumbo Tamer

Quest interface:

  • Rewards will now show a description if player move mouse over the items
  • Fixed some visual issues and broken labels

Item change(s):

  • [Onini's Skill] renamed to [Onini Warp Skill]
  • [Steam Gears II] renamed to [Steam Gears III]

Added new buff type: Poisonous Damage boost


  • Electricity Damage will now be based of magic damage and can only would be increased with electricity bonus from equipments or buffs

Item change(s):

  • [Steam Gears] projectile damage has been decreased from 5 to 4

We've replaced the [Gumy Mount], [Blumby Mount] and [Golden Gumby Mount] graphic icon

Added new premium items:

  • Iron Gladiator Helmet
  • Key Sword
  • Blue Shovel Daggers
  • Funny Nose Glasses
  • Water Balloon
  • Red Clown Shoes
  • Wide Hat
  • And much more in development, wait for the next Premium Shop Update

We've added a new temporary music theme for Esia City (The Fair themed)

(Character interface) Fixed a visual issue that caused Mage class lost one point of Magic Damage

Fixed an issue related to Honor Ranking

Fixed an issue that caused server sometimes suddenly crashes

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