[214.2] Minor Changes

Witch Murder by BraveWolf in 7 September 2022

We've improved the animation of the following skills: [Shield Regeneration], [Focus], [Magic Guard] and [Dodge Master]

Digging Drop Boost icon has been changed

Chat change(s):

  • Global Chat minimum level requirement has been decreased from 10 to 3
  • We've introduced a new cooldown feature for All Chat Channels(Included Global Chat)
    • Global Chat channel cooldown time per message is 2,5 seconds (5,0 if player is lower than level 10)
    • All other Chat channels cooldown time per message is 1,0 seconds
  • Chat text will now turn red during cooldown time
  • We've improved the current chat penalty feature (We hope players have no issues while chatting anymore, but if you find something please use the #bug-report channel to report it)

Buffs change(s):

  • Buffs list are now smart and get ordered properly
  • Buffs, debuffs and server boosts can be clicked to view its description (Still under development)
  • Server Boosts' are now separated of the character buffs
  • Fixed some issues that caused buffs sometimes not shown properly

Ring equipment type will not show in Cash Shop preview

Premium rings' description will now show preview of how animation looks

Fixed several issues that caused players can do other actions while in dialog

Fixed an issue that caused party experience bar position not centered

Fixed an issue that caused sometimes dialogs didn't shown npc names correctly

Fixed several issues that caused sometimes players can not unlock achievements correctly

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