Update 96-97

Witch Murder by BraveWolf in 1 February 2018


We¬īve reduced the log in time from 40 to 5 seconds

Honor system is now available, you able to drop or give one time in a week

All the Item names are now translated

All the Quest names are now translated

All the Spells names are now translated

Soup of Fish now heal by 150 HP

Now you able to sell the zero price items

Now you cannot sell the lock inventory items

Chatarrero award is reduced from 5000 to 1500 the requirement for gold star

All the level 10 equipments are now able to sell on shop


FIX: Player information critical error

FIX: Mage can cut the trees on Esia with a Staff

FIX: Mana consume on Krobi Island

FIX: Dogie¬īs Cream is not taken by Pullen & Doggie

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