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[120] Achievements & Crafting 2.0

Witch Murder by BraveWolf in 28 May 2018

Introducing the Awards 2.0

Introuding the Crafting 2.0

Idle connections will be disconnected after ten minutes(Only in the game menu)

All the client modules have been optimized

All the server packets have been optimized

Item description interface improvements

New items arrrived:

  • Triko´s Sap
  • Gu-ni egg
  • Octopus Soup
  • Lyud Hat(Still in progress)
  • Duck Hat(Still in progress)
Achievement UI 2.0

Crafting UI


Translated the name of recipes

We have translated these quests:

• Kruno´s Lunch

• The Dogie Teeth

• Raeon Quest

• Raised by the sages

• Get into the herd

• Map of the Crime

FIX: The drop interface turns blank if another item is dragged

FIX: The drop interface turns blank if the player unequip an equipment

Buddies System packets will be limited by timer to prevent packet flood

Fixed various Recources bugs

FIX: Cursor stuck out the current interface while player drag

FIX: Esia´s Flower recipe

FIX: Player information bug

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