[121/2] Menu Revamp!

Witch Murder by BraveWolf in 4 June 2018

We have added a new UI to the log in menu.

We have added a new option called Credits at the log in menu.

Added settings in the log in menu.

A new (remember my username) system has been added to the log in menu.

We have added <Lyud´s hat> to the Yilmaz´s store.

Trikos now can drop <Sap>.

We create a new translation method to the page, now will load faster.

Now you can select between Spanish and English at the main page of the website..

We repaired several bugs in the main menu.

We have fixed some troubles when you choose Full Screen mode

• The window gets deformed when changing the resolution.

• Some menus weren´t adaptating to the changes of the resolution.

• When changing from (Full Screen mode) to (Window Mode) the game doesn´t appear at the middle of the screen.

• When you press [Alt]+[Tab] the game will automatically be changed to (Window mode)

We have repaired an issue that close randomly some menus

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