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[124] Big patch of the month

Witch Murder by BraveWolf in 25 June 2018

We have added two basic professions <fisher> and <lumberjack>.

Now you can move the screens of the game keeping press the left-click.

We have changed the questions of sage Kloktrad, in order to make it easier to the new users.

Icons added for <Dooggie´s Teeth>, <Doggie´s Cream> and <Cave Paint>

Quest <Scientific Remains> now required <Aracnos´ legs> in order to completed.

We have added new objects in game:

  • Green Wing
  • Cooked Fish

We increase the level cap to 35

Quest <Baby Gumby> now have all the dialogue available, also we have changed requirements to make it fair enough.

We have added a new achievement: <Sabiduria de Trikos>.

We have added new quests:

  • Fishing Guide
  • Woodcutter´s Guide

New type of quest has added: Fishing.


Log in and log out messages now appear in both languages (Spanish and English)

Buttons of "Start quest" now are translated correctly.

We have translated this dialogs:

• NPCs from Gardham Campment

• NPCs from Seldom Valley

        • NPCs from Klokdum Village

Now fonts don´t load at the same time when logging in

We have repaired a critical bug when changing screen mode from full screen to windowed screen

Mario´s dialogue now shows the proper illustration.

We have repaired a bug where it showed the names of quests in English when playing in Spanish.

We have repaired a bug where partys showed under the Stalker UI.

We have repaired some bugs in the Stalker UI.

Repaired some bugs in delivery quest that prevent objects to be counted.

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