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[125] July Update is here!

Witch Murder by BraveWolf in 6 July 2018

Now you can see the current version of the game in the log in menu.

We have added a new graphic to the loading screen.

NPCs: <Infiltrator> <Nebuno> have left Esia!

Now you can see the rewards of the quests.

We have optimized loading codes of textures when starting the game.

We changed the graphic of the bubble chat, now it will suit better with the game style.

We have added a new type of quest! <Capture Monster> quest type available!

We have optimized the Party System, now monster that were killed by your party members will count in your quests!

Also, we improved UI of the Party System.

We have repaired some dialogues in Seldom Island.

We have slightly reduced the amount of exp received in the initial quests.

We have added a new notification symbol to the UI of the Card System.

We have added a new mini-games interface, you able to open with the <B> key.

<Lunch for the Guard> quest has changed to level 11 instead of 10.

We have eliminated the Healing zones from the map.

We have added a Healing buff. This will be randomly obtainable by killing <Krobis>.

Skill for summon <Alpha Krobis> now can be used every 5 seconds instead of 6.

<Alpha Krobis> now spawn every 10 seconds instead of 15.

Now you can´t get exp by killing <Krobis>.

Dev Note:

We have watched that Krobis Island was a place where you loss when you leave the game so, we have made some changes to make this experience better and competitive for everyone. Also, don´t forget that there aren´t healing zones anymore, this will give you a new challenge, so you should use your buff with a lot of caution.

We have translated all the introduction dialogues of the NPCs in Seldom Island.

Now sub maps have music, but with less volume.

We have added sounds effects to <Krobis>.

We have designed new sounds for the game.

We repaired a bug where players couldn´t give honor points to another player.

Now you can´t use skills when holding a Fishing Rod or an Axe.

We repaired a critical bug where Hunters couldn´t use the Axe.

We repaired a bug that didn´t let you see the effects of the chat buttons.

We have added the introduction dialogue of <The pretender of Kena>

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