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[1.26/7] Knight Rework and more!

Witch Murder by BraveWolf in 15 July 2018

We have changed some rocks at Taven Cave that were blocking the path around, also we added lights as a difference from other objects.

We did some changes in the Quests log:

Tasks count has been eliminated

When click the quest now it will redirect you to the information of the selected quest.

We added a button to eliminate quests from the quests log.

We have increase the regeneration time of the grass from 4 to 8 seconds, also the time that take to the Hawk to fly has been increased from 25 to 40 seconds.

We have increased the spawn rate from enemies in 40%.

New animations added to some maps, also you can now see when other player gather an object.

Some icons were added. Now you can see icons of an active buff.

We have changed the graphics of Kena’s store in <Gardham>.

Quests rewards now appear as messages in the chat.

We repaired a bug when using <Luminescence> both skill bars back to 0.

Now, the Knight’s elements charge the same way, no matter if it’s day or night, also bars will blink when they’re fully charged.

We have made some changes of night <Luminescence>:

Now it’s an AOE with 3 blocks range.

We added animations to make more stylish.

Base damage has been increased from 5 to 8.

We decreased the time of the stun from 3 to 2 seconds.

PS: We believe the Knight needed a buff for long time ago, so we have started to make important changes on skills, specifically the night element, oh, and don’t forget that you can changed between elements pressing TAB.

We have translated quests:

The mole’s virus

Lunch for the guard

Fishing rod

The Gaia’s cave

We have optimized the gathering animation code!

Now name for gathered items in gathering quests are shown correctly.

You won’t leave the initial island if you don’t complete all the available story quests first.

We have repaired a bug when adding friends by using right click.

We have repaired various bugs with the status icons of some NPC’s quests.

Repaired a bug that showed a empty dialogue when the player had inventory full.

We fixed a critical bug in the cards system where players’ cards disappear.

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