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[128] Mage and Stalker Rework!

Witch Murder by BraveWolf in 24 July 2018

Amount regenerated of Hp and Mp were reduced in an 80% for all the classes.

We optimize minimap textures to avoid ingame the FPS drops.

We have increased in an 15% the amount of exp required from level 20 to 35.

We have added the item <Master Card>. Important: Only Stalkers can use this item!

Now combos menu shows a description.

Button to change elements no longer change the element of the ability.

Elements now change automatically after being used.

Added an elements counter that charges when the player inflicts a negative status on an enemy. Also, when the counter reach 10 it’ll give to the player a buff that increase the status probability.

We eliminate temporarily the basic masters of the stalker.

Added a new system of masters.

<Ferko> added as a new basic master.

Optimized animation of Stalker´s chains.

Note: We have decided to bring a new mechanics to the stalker adding a system of master that the player can unlocked buying the cards. Also, these cards bring new bonifications too, such as critical damage, healing, etc.

Dialogues translated:

Pako’s training

Poisonous mushrooms

Baby Gumbys

The perfect potion

Background music added to the Krobis’ Island

Background music from Gaia cave were remastered.

Bug fixed were status inflicted to enemies couldn´t end.

Repaired an error when saving maps.

Now <Krobi> has the proper death animation.

Optimized projectiles textures ingame, this will improve FPS.

Enemies no longer will spawn if a player is in its spawn location.

Optimized varios functions of the server. This will improve the packets delivery.

Fixed an error that made the players’ sprite disappear while being phantoms.

Visual bug in the icons of the inventory was fixed.

We repaired a bug that make the player unable to attack in certain zones.

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