[134] Halloween Mini Update

Witch Murder by BraveWolf in 27 October 2018

We changed the graphics of Lyud-s hat.

We have improved the functions of buying and selling objects.

We have changed the graphics of the [Battle Arena] and the [Knight-s Hall].

We have removed the settings for [Run], [Minimap] and [Shield] keys.

We have added a function to detect the preferred language of the system for an automatic selection of the language (only applies in the first execution of the game).

New quests:

• Mulio-s Recipe

We add new items to the store:

• [Aracnos Sack]

• [Gumy Polymorphism]

• [Happy Blue Ballon]

• [Black Elegant Hat]

• [Kitty Hat]

• [Damage Skin]

We fixed the graphics of the Tower of Halloween.

We added new articles to the shop:

• [All Level 20 Weapons]

• [Eye Ring I]

• [Recipe of Sweet Eye]

We added new sounds to the enemy [Aracpum].

We add new sounds to the [Grass] and the [Tower Skulls].

Se agregaron nuevas traducciones a algunos dialogos de Esia, además se corrigieron algunos errores gramaticales.

Añadimos la función de los "Más Vendidos" a la tienda.

Reparamos algunos errores en el recibimiento de paquetes.

La interfaz de mini juegos ahora se cierra automáticamente.

Reparamos varios errores en las misiones.

Se han reparado varios errores del cliente y servidor.

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