[139] Christmas Update

Witch Murder by BraveWolf in 23 December 2018

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The Christmas Update is here!.

Added a new system called Festival, a place to get a lot of experience by a limited time, you will need a [Festival Ticket] in order to join to the Festival maps.

Global chat color is now Orange.

Added a new debuff for enemies: Blindness.

Now you cannot decrease Honor to a player with 0 points of Honor.

Added signal notification to Achievements button.

Now the Player Information shows the current equipment of the character(Both Normal and Premium).

Added new minimaps to the Toys Factory.

Day/Night messages switched to left log.

Added Christmas decoration on the most important places.

[Triko-s Sap] amount required to summon Tetrico has been reduced from 15 to 10.

Yilmaz-s Shop new item:

• Amulet of Taled

We-ve adjusted various item prices.

Added new premium item type, the Proyectil Skin.

The [Stat Reset Book] level requirements has been decreased from level 15 to 10.

New items has been released:

• Reindeer Horns

• Christmas Font

• Blue Font

• Aralio Polymorphism

• Arario Polymorphism

• Arrow Box

• Red Santa Hat

• Red Santa Suit

[Death Blindness] is the new level 30 skill.

[Shark Attack] is the new level 30 skill.

[Arrow of Light]-s skill damage formula has been increased from 6 to 7.

[Rain of Arrows] is the new level 30 skill.

[Bolt]-s skill max enemy ratio reduced from 3 to 2.

[Triple Impact] is the new level 30 skill.

Fixed an issue with the 2150 Game Card.

We-ve added the class tips.

We-ve fixed many misspelled dialogues.

We-ve translated all the sages dialogues.

Quests translated:

• The Arrows of Jakuro

• The Elements

Fixed an issue in the rank system.

Fixed various server packets bugs.

Fixed the bronze skulls amount issue on [Yilmaz]-s Shop.

Fixed an issue with the Ghost Shop page changing.

Fixed the text translation of the Quest Book interface.

Fixed an issue with the buff animation duration of the Mage class.Fixed the Blindness debuff in the Battle Arena.

Hunter can now use the [Butterfly-s Net].

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