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[140] New Year Update

Witch Murder by BraveWolf in 12 January 2019

Now you can save your premium items on bank.

Level cap has been increased to 42.

Experience points required from level 30 to 42 has been increased.

Hotbar Slots will be increased from 9 to 12.

The critical damage range based on Agility has been increased.

We-ve added a new feature: The Trade System.

Added a new command called /random.

Now you can use a Teleport Scroll to Esia on Goldum.

Log Messages timer has been increased from 9 to 12 seconds.

[Gift for Dad] and [Seeds for the Bird] quest rewards has been boosted.

Chat Channels are now clickable.

New Quests:

• King of the Hill: Lv. 20

• Raakiu-s Hair: Lv. 29

• Bear Hunt: Lv. 29

• Against the Abominous: Lv. 30

• Back to Factory: Lv. 39

• Forging a Bow: Lv. 40

• Fishing Challenge: Lv. 41

• The Polymorphism: Lv. 41

The level 30 equipments price has been increased by 400%.

The level 20 equipments price has been increased by 100%.

We-ve added 6 more Inventory Slots.

Added the Heal Modification buff icon.

King Morburn has been buffed from level 25 to 30.

We-ve increased the Max Chat Lines from 50 to 80.

Now you can share experience with players up to 5 levels greater/lower than you(Increased from 3 to 5).

Developer Note: If you not meet the requirements, the experience will be divided by 2 and will be reduced by the enemy level.

Halloween Tower update:

• The experience reward from quest has been increased from 1800 to 4000.

• Now you can join to the quest with 3 players minimum.

New items has been added:

• Tauromanis Horns

• Bunny Ears

• Yellow Cat Shirt

• Golden Alien Mask

• Fish Arrow

Magic Defense skill bonus has been increased from 30 to 60.

Magic Pillar skill cooldown has been increased from 1 to 2 seconds.

SPR Rework for Mage.

Shield Regeneration skill bonus has been increased from 30 to 40.

Added a new animation for the Death Blindness skill.

Added new combos for level 15 and 20.

Poison effect is now based on AGI only.

The chance to get master bonus is now increased by 20%.

Critical Damage based on AGI has been increased by 35%.

Quests translated:

• Mulio-s Recipe

• Gift for Dad

• The Lost Caballa

• Mushroom Salad

• King of the Hill

• Temple of Hawks

• Woodcut Day

• High Tide

• Stalker Masters

• Cemetery Ghosts

All projectiles now can do critical hits.

Now you cannot switch to Party Chat Channel if you are not in a Party.

Fixed the Player Info character draw.

Fixed many bugs with the Party Interface.

Fixed an issue with the map loading function.

Fixed an issue with the quest dialogues.

Fixed an issue with the Player Information interface.

We-ve fixed an issue with the character Hair Tint.

Fixed a bug that stuck the players when open shop or bank while teleport to map.

You will not able to use Warp scroll on the same map than the scroll type.

[Ambar] will not be used if you no lost more than 0 experience points.

Fixed many bugs on the client and server side.

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