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[146] Happy 9th Wolfnniversary!

Witch Murder by BraveWolf in 27 February 2019

A new event has been started: BraveWolf 9th Anniversary(Feb 27-Mar 17).

We've released a new area: Esia's Cemetery, available for level 40+ players. Also, We created a new level 40 Boss for this zone.

We've released a new Festival for level 10-19, talk with [Doglyus] on Esia to join to the festival.

Paste function has been enabled on register form.

Level 10 to 19 quests has been boosted.

Special Characters are disabled for passwords(If you have a special character password please contact us trought Discord).

New feature: Change Password.

We've removed the Magic Hat of the Mage class at the character creation menu.

New Equipments for level 40 has been released.

We've increased the level cap from 42 to 45.

Worldmap is now disabled if you are in a map without location.

New Quests:

  • Dissapear Ghosts: Lv. 40
  • Dissapear Specters: Lv. 42
  • Rock Recollector: Lv. 42
  • The Lost Little Fox: Lv. 43
  • Souls of Cemeter: Lv. 43
  • King Challenge: Lv. 44

We've added the DarkStory's "Terms of Service" on the register menu.

SPR now increases the HP and MP.

New Premium Items:

  • Umba Hat
  • Umba Shield
  • Master Gumby Arrow
  • Dark Spirits
  • Blossom Spirits
  • Invisible Shield
  • And various Caps of Countries

Many Client error messages has been translated.

New theme has been released: Esia's Cemetery.

New sounds has been added for attack and death effects(Enemies).

Fixed various Cash Shop bugs.

Fixed an issue with the party share items.

Fixed an issue with the premium shield requirements.

Fixed an issue with the daily check date.

Fixed: Hunter can target enemies even being ghost.

Fixed an issue with the target sight position.

The Background interface position is now fixed.

We've fixed various UI and logic bugs.

Fixed an issue with the stalker attack animation.

Items from the Arena and Krobi's island won't go to your inventory when shared loot is activated.


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