Character Customization

In DarkStory you can customize your own character and differentiate yourself from other players, the game has a variety of features to achieve this.

Skin Tone

Players can select their favorite skin tone for their character in the character creation menu. If they decide to change their skin tone later on, they can do it with Dr. Pepe..

Available only for Knight, Mage.


Players can also choose the haircut and hair/hair shade for their character in the character creation menu. They can also do this at Elian's barbershop in Esia City.


There are two types of equipment in DarkStory


You can acquire them for Skulls in the stores in the different cities of the game, by hunting monsters, completing quests or in game events. There is a wide variety of this equipment, so players can equip their character in their own style.


They are extravagant equipment that replace the normal equipment without losing the given stats. These equipments can be purchased with Ice Skulls(Go to the Official Store).

Eye and Iris

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