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The Stalker is an shadow assassin, he uses his basic attacks to poison enemies and then fulminate them with his daggers. Also, he has the support of his “Battle Masters”, who grant an additional effect on each hit.



2 STR + 1 AGI (Per Level)

Standard build, this build take advantage of all the Stalker's Features: Basic Skills, Critical Damage, Poison Damage, Dodge Chance and Masters System.

This build is recommended by BraveWolf

Full STR

3 STR (Per Level)

Powerful Stalker, high critical damage, poison damage and pretty decent physical damage. Physical defense is weak and this build requires Full AGI equipments.

This build is recommended by Worz


3 AGI (Per Level)

Focused in poisonous skills, Poisonous Build or also called Hit and Run requires Full END equipments. You need to distance yourself from monsters while poison works.

This build is recommended by Kevin