In order to enter the Dojo! you need to be at least level 20 or superior. You can't enter if you are a Ghost or if a player is inside the Dojo!


The Dojo! is a battlefield founded by Pandora. It was created to teach ancient combat techniques to the most powerful fighters on the continent. In the Dojo!

You will have 5 minutes to defeat the most powerful Bosses of Dragonia.


  1. Go to Esia City and talk to Pandora
  2. Select the “Dojo!” Option
  3. Talk to Eglu to summon a new opponent
  4. If you manage to beat the opponent, repeat the previous step


  • If you were defeated by a Boss you will have to leave to try again
  • You can use healing and mana potions
  • If you don't beat three or more Bosses you won't be able to advance in the Hierarchy


The Dojo! has Hierarchy levels similar to those of traditional Karate, and is counted by the kills you do in combat, after defeating three or more opponents, you will be able to receive a Belt that certifies your potential.

Kills Belt Bonus
3 White Belt +1
5 Yellow Belt+2
7 Orange Belt +3
? ???
? ???
? ???
? ???


The Dojo!'s ranking is based on kills and when the challenge is completed (in that order of priority).

If you leave or die before you have 3 kills, you will not be able to qualify. After the third kill, if you leave the Dojo! before time runs out, you can still qualify.