The Knight uses light and darkness in his favor, is able to create attack combinations at will, making each combination deal a different effect on the opponent, also most of his attacks are melee.

Main statistics


2 STR + 1 END (Per Level)

This build take advantage of all the Knight's Features: Combos, Luminiscence and Basic Skills.

This build is recommended by BraveWolf


2 END + 1 STR (Per Level)

Having advanced END is good, you can be tanky with medium Damage(Not So good Damager but have enough Strength to kill monsters) since the Light Luminescence is all about your total END.

This build is recommended by Kevin

Full STR

3 STR (Per Level)

Weak Defense but high physical and critical damage, this build advantage your Combos.




The knight's combo works only with his basic attack.