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 +^  [[monster_abominous|Abominous]] ​ ^^
 +|  {{:​ico_guard.png|}} ​ ||
 +|**LVL:** 30|**TYPE:​** <wrap danger>​PHYSICAL</​wrap>​|
 +|**HP:** 20000|**SPEED:​** 400|
 +|**EXP:** 100|**AGGRESIVE:​** YES|
 +|**ATK:** 10|**M.ATK:​** 10|
 +|**DEF:** 100|**M.DEF:​** 100|
 +|x1 [[item_pumpkin coin|Pumpkin Coin]]|x1 [[item_bronze skulls|Bronze Skulls]]|
 +|x1 [[item_sweet eye|Sweet Eye]]||
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