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 +^  [[monster_flornivora|Flornivora]]  ^^ 
 +|  {{:ico_guard.png|}}  || 
 +|**LVL:** 14|**TYPE:** <wrap danger>PHYSICAL</wrap>
 +|**HP:** 250|**SPEED:** 400| 
 +|**EXP:** 34|**AGGRESIVE:** NO| 
 +|**ATK:** 28|**M.ATK:** 0| 
 +|**DEF:** 24|**M.DEF:** 24| 
 +|x1 [[item_flornivora's leaf|Flornivora's Leaf]]|x1 [[item_green spit|Green Spit]]| 
 +|x1 [[item_ninja bandana|Ninja Bandana]]|x1 [[item_maxi's pickaxe|Maxi's Pickaxe]]| 
 +|x1 [[item_taven poison|Taven Poison]]|x1 [[item_esia potion mp|Esia Potion MP]]| 
 +|x1 [[item_esia potion hp|Esia Potion HP]]|| 
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