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 ^Info^^ ^Info^^
 |**LVL:** 8|**TYPE:** <wrap danger>PHYSICAL</wrap>| |**LVL:** 8|**TYPE:** <wrap danger>PHYSICAL</wrap>|
-|**HP:** 125|**SPEED:** 400| +|**HP:** 120|**SPEED:** 400| 
-|**EXP:** 15|**AGGRESIVE:** YES|+|**EXP:** 16|**AGGRESIVE:** YES|
 ^Stats^^ ^Stats^^
-|**ATK:** 14|**M.ATK:** 1+|**ATK:** 22|**M.ATK:** 0
-|**DEF:** 10|**M.DEF:** 10|+|**DEF:** 15|**M.DEF:** 0|
 ^Drops^^ ^Drops^^
-|x1 [[item_old helmet|Old Helmet]]|x1 [[item_gumby slime|Gumby Slime]]| +|x1 [[item_old_helmet|Old Helmet]]|x1 [[item_gumby_slime|Gumby Slime]]| 
-|x1 [[item_green spit|Green Spit]]|x1 [[item_selven potion mp|Selven Potion MP]]| +|x1 [[item_green_spit|Green Spit]]|x1 [[item_selven_potion_mp|Selven Potion MP]]| 
-|x1 [[item_selven potion hp|Selven Potion HP]]||+|x1 [[item_selven_potion_hp|Selven Potion HP]]|x1 [[item_metal_sword|Metal Sword]]||