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 {{tablelayout?&​colwidth="​200px,​200px"&​rowsHeaderSource=auto&​float=center}} {{tablelayout?&​colwidth="​200px,​200px"&​rowsHeaderSource=auto&​float=center}}
 ^  [[monster_rey impostor|Rey Impostor]] ​ ^^ ^  [[monster_rey impostor|Rey Impostor]] ​ ^^
-|  {{:ico_guard.png|}} ​ ||+|  {{:ico_rey_imposter.png?200|}}  ||
 ^Info^^ ^Info^^
 |**LVL:** 5|**TYPE:** <wrap danger>​PHYSICAL</​wrap>​| |**LVL:** 5|**TYPE:** <wrap danger>​PHYSICAL</​wrap>​|
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 |x1 [[item_imposter crown|Imposter Crown]]|x2 [[item_gumber slime|Gumber Slime]]| |x1 [[item_imposter crown|Imposter Crown]]|x2 [[item_gumber slime|Gumber Slime]]|
 |x1 [[item_selven potion hp|Selven Potion HP]]|x1 [[item_wooden shield|Wooden Shield]]| |x1 [[item_selven potion hp|Selven Potion HP]]|x1 [[item_wooden shield|Wooden Shield]]|
-|X|[[achievements|One more quest]]| 
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