Mounts System

Mounts have double the speed of the character, it is a good way to travel between maps.

How to get and use a mount

Free Mounts

Dog Mount30Common
Chicken Mount30Common
Krombie Mount30Collectible
Gumbo Mount30Collectible
Kiwi Mount40Common
Rhino Beetle Mount40Common
Wolf Mount40Epic
Brown Wolf Mount40Epic
Alpaca Mount50Common
Horse Mount50Common
Ghost Mount50Rare
Komodo Dragon Mount50Epic
Penguin Mount60Common
Wild Boar Mount60Common
Olympics' Kangaroo Mount60Unique

Promotional Mounts

Reindeer Mount30Common
Vixen Mount30Common
Froggy Mount30Common
Pig Mount30Collectible
Treeko Mount30Collectible
Angry Bear Mount30Collectible
Nekrobear Mount30Common
Valentine Bunny30Collectible
Pink Bunny30Common
Alienware UFO Mount30Common
Triceraptos Mount30Event Quest
T-Rex Fossil Mount30Collectible
Blumby Mount30Collectible
Gumy Mount30Collectible
Golden Gumby Mount30Collectible
Reaccoon Mount30Collectible
Cat Mount30Collectible
Black Kitty Mount30Collectible