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1. What engine you are used for DarkStory?

We are using a custom built writted on Visual Basic .Net(Based on the experimental version of Orion .Net by JC).

2. How many people are working on the game?

We are currently 11 members on the Staff that are working on the game, website and the game promotion.

3. Is possible to create a Human Hunter or a Fox Mage?

Nope, is not possible to create a character with a race that are not listed, this is based on the DarkStory's Story.

4. Can I join to the Team?

Yes, We always looking for Pixel Artists, Sound Designers and Advertisers. Contact us trought our Discord Channel or sending a mail to:

PS: Remember that We are actually working by passion and We are not receiving a salary yet.

5. Can I give you feedback?

Yes and Yes, be free to post your comments about the game here or in any DarkStory official page, We really like to get some feedback.

6. Can I run DarkStory on my Windows XP or Windows 7?

Yes, DarkStory is based on NetFrameWork 4.0 that are still compatible with XP and higher. Take a look to the System Requirements page to know more.

7. Can I support the game with donations?

Yes, you can support us to maintain the server by buying the official DarkStory Game Cards from the DarkStory Store.

8. I want to support the game but I can't buy Game Cards or help with development

Hey, thanks so much for your support, you can help us with feedback, testing the new features or searching bugs, sharing the game with your friends or in forums.

9. How many people are playing right now?

We are not a big fan of this question, but We understand your curiosity, actually DarkStory have more than 2000+ accounts created. Also, 15-30 new players join to the game every day, We are working so hard to increase the population so please be patient and share the game with your friends.

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