In-Game F.A.Q

Q: How should I allocate my skill points?

A: Recommended builds are at:

Q: Can I redistribute skill points?

A: Skill points are automatically reset when going from Seldom island to Esia. After this it is only possible by using ice skulls to buy resets.

Q: I need a lot of health/mana potions to farm, is this normal?

A: Yes, this is intended. You can buy potions at shops for a relatively low price. Early game you have a steady supply from quests, but later (when reaching Goldum) you gain enough from farming that potions are easily affordable.

Q: Where do I get new equipment?

A: Most equipment is attained at levels that are a multiple of 10. For level 10 there is the clothes shop in Esia. For level 20 there is an NPC in Hollorum Garden. For level 30 there is an NPC in Goldum in a shop, and a blacksmith where you craft the weapon. For level 40 you have to craft all of the gear at the crypt, which is accessible from the cemetery. Other equipment (amulet, ring, earrings etc.) are mostly available through events, and the weekly shop in Esia.

Q: How do I reach Gumy Inn?

A: It is accessible through the Tavern. The Tavern is in Rokkun Cave, but requires a key to open. This key is a random drop from king Gumy.

Q: How do I enhance my equipment?

A: First you require an equipment with at least 1 slot open, and an enhancement stone (SPR/AGI/END/STR/INT). Then unequip the equipment so that it is in your inventory. Now double click the enhancement stone, then click the equipment. As enhancement stones are quite rare, it is only recommended to enhance equipment you plan on using for a longer time.

Q: Where do I get the warhorn needed to craft level 30 weapon?

A: You can obtain it by digging outside of Hawks temple (low drop chance).

Q: How do I fish?

A: Fishing is only unlocked at level 30, at which the quest “Goldum Forest” will guide you.

Q: How do I get a better woodcutting axe?

A: Your first axe that you get in seldom deals 1 damage per hit. In the clothes shop in Esia you can buy one that deals 3 damage per hit. Later in the map “The Three Trees” you can craft a bronze/silver/golden axe, that deals 4/5/6 damage and require level 20/30/40 respectively.

Q: How do I get a better mining axe?

A: You can craft better axes in the Three Goblins' House.

Q: Some items require honor, what is this?

A: There is an honor system, where every player can give someone honor on a week cooldown. Some items require you to have been given enough honor before you can equip them.