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 {{page>​head}} {{page>​head}}
 +====== Seldom Valley ======
 +===== Paths =====
 <WRAP tablewidth 100%> <WRAP tablewidth 100%>
-^ Extension ^Name^^+^ Extension ^ Name ^ 
-|Seldom Valley|Seldom Town||+|Seldom Valley|Seldom Town| 
-|Seldom Valley I|Crossroads of Villages||+|Seldom Valley I|Crossroads of Villages| 
-|Seldom Valley II|Road to the Klokdum||+|Seldom Valley II|Road to the Klokdum| 
-|Seldom Valley III|Road to the Campment||+|Seldom Valley III|Road to the Campment| 
-|Seldom Valley IV|Seashore||+|Seldom Valley IV|Seashore| 
-|Seldom Valley V|Gumby Territory||+|Seldom Valley V|Gumby Territory| 
-|Seldom Valley VI|Departure from Seldom|||+|Seldom Valley VI|Departure from Seldom|
-|Klokdum Village|Klokdum Village||+===== Other Zones ===== 
-|Gardham Campment|Gardham|||+^ Extension ^ Name ^ 
 +|Klokdum Village|Klokdum Village| 
 +|Gardham Campment|Gardham| 
 +|Mole'​s Refuge|Excavation Center| 
 +|Mole'​s Refuge|Mine of Bronze|
-|Mole'​s ​Refuge|Excavation Center||| +===== Indoor ===== 
-|Mole'​s ​Refuge|Mine of Bronze||| +^ Seldom Valley ^ 
-|Mole'​s ​Refuge|Mine of Bronze|||+|Dreamner'​s ​House| 
 +|Kaled'​s Shop| 
 +|Albert'​s Shop
 +|Shami'​s ​House| 
 +^ Klokdum Village ^ 
 +|Vicania'​s House| 
 +|Kinuro'​s Shop
 +|Kedtzal'​s ​Secret Room| 
 +^ Gardham Campment ^ 
 +|Evy's Campment| 
 +|Kena'​s Shop|
-^ Indoor ^^^^ 
-|Seldom Valley|Dreamner'​s House ||| 
-|Seldom Valley|Kaled'​s Shop ||| 
-|Seldom Valley|Albert'​s Shop ||| 
-|Seldom Valley|Shami'​s House ||| 
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
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